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Ground Penetrating Radar


We Can Detect Your Leak With Ground Penetrating Radar

Often when architects and building contractors are preparing plans and sites for construction or repairs, they do not always know where the underground utilities or infrastructure systems are. By using expert technicians who are proficient in ground penetrating radar (GPR) techniques, one will be able to accurately and unobtrusively map out and mark exactly what is lying beneath the surface of any building, road or structure. Leak Masters USA mobile GPR equipment is able to make multiple measured passes over the area required thus enabling the ground to mapped and surveyed accurately.

Where is Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) most frequently used?

Leaking water pipes that are located beneath the concrete slabs in a building can often cause the building to shift and cause structural damage. If these leaks are left undetected and left in disrepair, the damage to the property can be costly to repair, and the increase in the water bills will be exorbitant. By using a reputable GPR leak detection services company like Leak Masters USA, you can be guaranteed that the areas where there are damaged water pipes and the correct location will be identified quickly, making the digging and repair of the water leaks seamless.

How Does Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Work?

  • The GPR equipment transmits high frequency radar sound waves through the surface of the ground.
  • These radar sound waves can penetrate several feet below the ground.
  • The sound waves will bounce back to the equipment’s receiver.
  • These recordings then determine the depth and density of the sub-surface ground.
  • The data provided by the system enables specially trained ground penetrating radar (GPR) technicians to map out detailed drawings or pictures of all that is visible below the surface.

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