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Slab Leak Detection

Professional Slab Leak Detection Services in Charleston!

Are you having sleepless nights from the perpetual sound of running water or is the odor of wet carpets driving you mad? If so, then you may have a plumbing leak under the slab of your home. We know that many houses are built on concrete slabs and often plumbing leaks occur beneath these slabs making them very hard to detect and repair. Contact us today about our slab leak detection services!

Certain slab leak detection companies may advocate the breaking up of slabs in order to identify the source of the leak problem. This may result in them damaging tiles, hard wood floors, removing carpets etc. all of which is totally unnecessary and expensive to replace. The quickest, most efficient and cost saving method of slab leak detection and repair requires the use of professional technicians who have the relevant technical expertise and experience.

The tell-tale signs of a slab leak.

  • The consistent sound of running water even though all appliances are not in use and the taps are turned off could indicate plumbing leaks under the slab.
  • A hot spot on the tiles or carpets could imply a hot water leak.
  • Cracks or openings appearing in the floors can be a result of a leak under the slab.
  • Mold or excessive water under your carpets may be an indication of water leaking from the pipes and cracking the slab.
  • A dramatic increase in your water bills. This increase may be caused by a plumbing leak under the slab.

Charleston slab leak detection

By using non-invasive slab leak detection equipment, our professional technicians are able to locate the source of your water leak with minimal disruption and damage to your property. At Leak Masters of Charleston we make use of sophisticated equipment such as electromagnetic pipeline locators and electronic amplification equipment which usually results in us having to remove just one tile in order to carry out our repair work.

Methods employed for our Charleston slab leak repairs:

    • Spot Repair.

In newly built homes it is cheaper to repair the water leak at the source. This would require locating the exact spot of the water leak, opening the slab around that area and repairing the leaking pipe.

    • Re-pipe or reroute.

Older plumbing systems often have reoccurring water leak problems in the same areas. In these instances it is better to replace the leaking water line in its entirety than to continue repairing the same area.

If one has an aged or corroded piping system or if there are multiple slab leaks present, the cost and inconvenience of digging up the slab may be too expensive. Here the most cost effective solution would be in-place epoxy pipe coating which will seal all the water leaks and dramatically increase the life span of your residential water lines.

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